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Introducing The Astros Boxes Podcast

James of Astros County and Tim of the Crawfish Boxes team up to bring you the Astros Boxes, an unscripted podcast that cover some of the Astros' hot topics.

Ryan Dunsmore

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James Yasko of Astros County and myself have done the unthinkable and teamed up to bring you yet another Astros podcast. The format for TAB is a little different in that there are not time constraints and it's unscripted, with the exception of the opening sentence. Each podcast we'll talk about whatever we feel like talking about.

Our next podcast will be Tuesday, November 5 at 8 p.m. CST and I think this time we'll record it live.

This episode we talked about, among other things:

  • Jason Castro, his future with the club and the possibility of him moving to first base
  • Jose Altuve, and what he means to the Astros fan base
  • Chris Carter, his strikeouts and road splits
  • And sandwiches...yes, sandwiches

Click this [ Direct ] link to download the episode or press play below:

The podcast will also be available on [ iTunes ] and the usual podcast directories. If we're not on your favorite podcast directory shoot me an email ( timothy.deblock [at] ) and I'll work to get it added. You can also email me any feedback at said email address. Finally, the [ RSS Feed ] for direct subscriptions.

Welcome to the Astros Boxes era.