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Astros coaching moves: Trembley, Perez return, Listach hired as first base coach

Astros bring back most of its 2014 staff while bringing in a new face in Pat Listach.


Dominoes are falling in place for Houston manager Bo Porter's 2014 field staff. The Astros announced additions and movement among its coaching staff on Tuesday, bringing in Pat Listach as first base coach and finding new jobs for Eduardo Perez and Dave Trembley.

Perez will be Houston's new third base coach while Trembley will be the club's bench coach. Retaining his position with the club in 2014 will be John Mallee as hitting coach. Craig Bjornsen will return to the bullpen coach role he held in 2012. Bjornsen spent 2013 as a roving pitching instructor in the minors.

Brent Strom had previously been hired as pitching coach while minor league hitting coordinator Ralph Dickinson was promoted to assistant hitting coach. Dan Radison, who's been with the Astros since Luhnow came over from St. Louis, has been moved into a special assignment role.

Listach is the only addition here from outside the organization. The former shortstop played for the Astros briefly, back in the mid-90's when they tried out 85 different shortstops in a three-year span after trading away Andujar Cedeno. Oh, and he was a former Rookie of the Year winner. From the press release:

Listach, 46, joins the Astros from the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he served as the organization's minor league infield coordinator in 2013. Prior to last season, Listach coached on the Major League staffs for the Chicago Cubs (2011-12) and Washington Nationals (2009-10) for two years apiece. He also has nine years of minor league coaching experience in the Cubs system from 2000-08.

Only other surprise here is that Perez stayed with the team. When he was moved from the bench, there was some thought he would look for a more high-profile job somewhere else. However, that did not materialize and the coaching staff makes a lot more sense, with the more experienced Trembley in a position to give in-game advice more readily to Porter.

Oh, and Listach certainly fits the middle infield coach concept Luhnow wanted for one of his open spots, as he can work with Jose Altuve and Jonathan Villar (and maybe Carlos Correa in a year or two).

What do you think? Anyone stand out to you among this group? Glad to see Perez back? What will Listach bring? Will Ricky Gutierrez join the team next?

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