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Super Sunday Astros Links October 20, 2013

Astros link including Shin-Soo Choo, Jeff Luhnow, and Brad Ausmus.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday to you boy and girls; there was much of talk last week about my lack of love toward Houston Cougars. I am life-long Houstonian but my higher education did not come from the University of Houston. My apologizes for my blind spot toward the cougs. Let's compromise, how about I put Case Keenum on the cover? He is a former Houston Cougar. Everyone likes the Texans, right? Back to baseball, here are some links for your viewing pleasure.

Astros Links

Houston Astros legend Craig Biggio hosts 23rd Sunshine Kids party | News
Astros legend Craig Biggio hosted the 23rd Sunshine Kids Party Tuesday at Minute Maid Park, playing baseball with cancer-stricken children.

Free-agent stunner: Low-payroll Astros could make play for Choo -
Nobody fits better in terms of hitting style for Houston the Shin-Soo Choo. Plus, they've said they expect the payroll to rise significantly.

Cardinals owe their success to the work of Astros GM Jeff Luhnow
June 07, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow helps 2012 top draft pick Carlos Correa put on a jersey during a game against t

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with LHP Patrick Urckfitz
By Jayne Hansen

Around Baseball Links

Bobby | Instream Sports
39 years ago next week, the San Francisco Giants and the New York Yankees engaged in the first trade of $100,000 athletes in sports history.

Nationals show interest in Ausmus - MLB Daily Dish
Brad Ausmus is reportedly a candidate to manage the Nationals in 2014.

The incalculable luck of the 2013 Red Sox - Baseball Nation
It takes more than skill to get from worst to first. Here are five things that helped the Red Sox.

Baseball Cathedrals, From on High -
The baseball diamond is instantly recognizable from above -- green grass (even when it is artificial), distinct dirt and stands waiting to be filled.

Postseason TV ratings up nine percent so far -
Ratings for the Major League Baseball postseason are thus far up nine percent from last year's figure.