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Astros coaching moves: Dave Trembley to serve as bench coach

The coaching shakeup continues, with Eduardo Perez out as bench coach and Dave Trembley stepping back into the dugout.

Jonathan Moore

Once more, the Astros are shaking up their on-field coaching staff. A day after firing two coaches and reassigning a third, Houston has reassigned third base coach Dave Trembley to the dugout to be Bo Porter's bench coach. Current bench coach Eduardo Perez is "weighing his decision" to either accept a different role with the organization or to seek other offers.

This is not surprising. In fact, we were surprised last year when Trembley was not named bench coach for Porter. it seems a natural fit, since Porter was inexperienced and Trembley had been around the game for a long time and been a manager recently.

I also wonder what this means for Houston's adoption of the shift. Does Perez' ouster mean the Astros are less likely to deploy shifts, since he was the mind behind much of Houston's positioning? Will Perez stay in the organization or move back into a broadcasting/coaching role with someone else?

One thing seems clear. Houston is looking for middle infield help, per Jeff Luhnow's comments Tuesday. They have a bang-up middle infield guy in the pipeline now with two open spots on the coaching staff. So, will Adam Everett be the third base coach or the first base coach? My guess would be first, with another experienced hand brought in to work at third base.

I don't think Houston's reorganization is done yet, but these are interesting moves. Should we be glad that Luhnow and Co. are adjusting their plan on the fly or worried that obvious things last year are just now being addressed now?