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Super Sunday Astros Links October 13, 2013

Astros link including CSN Houston, 2014 payroll, and Bo Porter.

Tom Pennington

Good Sunday to you boy and girls; first off, I promise this is the last Texas related photo on the cover. The Astros, Texans, and Longhorns seasons have left little to celebrate. So I'm going to jump on any enjoyment I can take. Here are some links for your viewing pleasure.

Astros Links

Most comical Major League season ever? Astros refuse to be defined - MOISEKAPENDA BOWER
There isn't any one specific moment that capably summarizes the Houston Astros' woebegone 2013 season, not with Astros rookie manager Bo Porter havin

Bo Porter Learning As Astros Manager - Josh Christensen
On Saturday, fans welcomed back former Hawkeye football and baseball player Bo Porter. He was an honorary captain for Saturday's game versus Michigan State.

Astros determined to boost local TV coverage - Brian McTaggart
Astros owner Jim Crane said on Tuesday that the team will continue to fight to receive a fair-market television deal to help ensure a competitive product on the field, while stressing the importance of more fans being able to see the team's games on television next season.

Astros to Seek Dismissal of CSN Houston Bankruptcy Case - Maury Brown
On Monday the Houston Astros will file a motion to dismiss an involuntary bankruptcy case of Comcast SportsNet Houston filed by several creditors associated with NBC Universal/Comcast.

Kirkland and Ellis representing the Astro- Astros County
In this David Barron update on the latest regarding the CSN Houston c*u*t*r*u*c, we find that the Astros are being represented by DC-based law firm Kirkland & Ellis. So what, right?

Spending Crane's Money - Astros County
With the news this week that the Astros could be increasing payroll to $50-60m, it would seem that the Astros would be spending around $40m to reach the upper levels of that number. So, because nobody asked me yet, here's how I would spend $60m in 2014 constructing a 25-Man Roster...

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Spadavecchia

Around the League

Won't you come back, Uncle Lou? - Rob Neyer
According to one report, the Mariners approached Lou Piniella about their managerial vacancy. According to Piniella, he's happy as a semi-retired fisherman.

Losing Andy Pafko - Rob Neyer
Pafko, one of our great remaining links to baseball's distant past, passed away Tuesday. He'll always be remembered for one iconic image, but there was so much more to his career.

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