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Astros Podcast: The Astros 2013 Season Is Finally Over

Mariano Rivera's Hall of Fame chances, the Astros 2013 season in review, Bo Porter's first year as manager and 100 TCB podcast episodes.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.


TCBP AB 100: The Astros Season Is Finally Over

SCHEDULING NOTE: We have gone into offseason mode, which means we will be doing the podcast every other week and they'll be a little longer than the 30-40 minutes we've been doing.

In this episode David Coleman, Ryan Dunsmore and myself discuss:

  • The Astros 2013 season in review.
  • Impressions of Bo Porter first year as manager.
  • Reflections on 100 episodes of the TCB podcast.

The Astros 2013 Season in Review

It hasn't been a good year but I think there are some positives to take away from the season. Jason Castro for one showed why he was drafted with the 10th overall pick. Matt Dominguez, Jonathan Villar, Jarred Cosart are all guys who have the potential to be average to above average regulars. The starting rotation started to put things together towards the end of the year. The Astros may have just had one of the worst seasons in baseball history but they did it with one of the youngest rosters and I think that in itself is a positive.

The Astros Coaching Staff

Given the circumstances I think Bo Porter did a well enough job as a rookie manager. He still made some mistakes but he looks like a solid manager going forward. Of course right after we stopped recording there were some rumblings on Twitter that the Astros coaching staff could be altered for next year and soon.

100th Episode

It's been a fun two and a half years producing the TCB podcast. We laminated (a bit too long) on some of the inner workings of the podcast. I want to thank all the regular listeners for sticking with us as we continually try to improve the podcast. I want to thank all the wonderful guests we've had, the media, bloggers, Astros personnel and players. We will be making a small adjustment to the format. David will take over leading the podcast with Sean as his co-host. I will move to the background and work the technical things, chat rooms and social media.

Thank you again for listening

Time Lapse of This Week's Podcast Art


Next Scheduled Podcast Recording: October 13, 2013, 7 p.m. CT


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