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The Five Best TCB Podcasts Of 2012

The TCB Best podcasts of 2012 ready and willing to help you get over that New Years celebration hangover.

Timothy De Block

The TCB Best podcasts of 2012 ready and willing to help you get over that New Years celebration hangover.

It's been a good year for our podcast which returns this Sunday January 6, 2013.

We've seen a steady rise in our listenership and we've done several things to improve the quality of the podcast. We've had more guests, including our first professional athletes (Aaron West and Brady Rodgers), media members (Zachary Levine and Brian T. Smith) and bloggers (too many to name). I've added intro music and I've done some things on the back-end that have improved the overall quality. We've started podcasting live for recordings and big events throughout the season and we've added the Astros Afterburners podcast which brings instant reaction and analysis to some of the bigger news stories.

It's certainly been a good year and I look forward to improving it further in 2013.

To accomplish that I need your help. I need to know what you want to see from the podcast going forward. I also want to know what you hate to listen to during the podcast or if you've stopped listening why you stopped. Your input gives me a unique perspective with which I can improve the podcast. If you have feedback for the podcast good or bad simply email me at

Now, onto the best TCB podcasts of 2012. This list is my own personal favorite podcasts from 2012. If you have a podcast that sticks out to you from this past year I would absolutely love to hear it.

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1) TCB Podcast Episode 39 - The Crawfish Boxes

Overall this was our best podcast, it's the one number that sticks out to me as a podcast producer. The flow was good and everything just fit together.

2) TCB Podcast Episode 29 - The Crawfish Boxes

This was the podcast that was the most fun to do all year. We had bloggers Terri Schlather (Tales from the Juice Box) and Jayne Hansen (What the Heck, Bobby?) on to talk everything from vampires to Astros baseball. It was a blast and if you listen all the way to the end you get quite possibly the funniest outtakes and off air comment we've ever had on the podcast.

3) TCB Podcast Episode 62 - Talking Baseball With Astros Minor League Pitcher Aaron West - The Crawfish Boxes

This one has our first professional athlete guest Astros Minor League Pitcher Aaron West who was a fantastic interview.

4) TCB Astros Podcast: Ending The Year With A Bang Astros-Style - The Crawfish Boxes

Our second podcast with a professional athlete in Astros Minor League Pitcher Brady Rodgers who won back-to-back best interviewee at ASU and put myself and David to shame on the podcast.

5) TCB Podcast Episode 55 - We Have Liftoff - The Crawfish Boxes

David blows up the podcast by saying Robbie Grossman is a better prospect than Delino DeShields Jr.