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2013 Draft Fifth Round Pick: Tony Kemp, 2B, Vanderbilt

Small and quick, Tony Kemp can be electric on the basepaths but lacks power to be a star.

Ryan Dunsmore


The Astros have now drafted the right side of the Vanderbilt Commodores infield with two consecutive picks. First it was first baseman Corad Gregor. The second is second baseman Tony Kemp.

Kemp is a very small player at 5-7 and only 165 pounds but plays hard and with speed. He's built like a smaller version of Delino DeShields Jr. and a faster version of Jose Altuve. He plays very hard and knows how to use his speed. He's stolen 32 bases out of 46 opportunities and has legged out six triples.

Kemp is small and won't hit for home run power but isn't what you would call a slap hitter. He hits with more force than a slap hitter. He drives the ball to the gaps as often as he can and then tries to beat out throws for infield hits in other times. He's shown a lot of progress this season in that respect as he hit under .300 last year and almost .400 this year. He also posted positive BB/SO ratio but his walks and strikeouts were very close.

His speed and quickness allows for him to be a good middle infielder. He's found a home at second base this season where his quickness excels but his size isn't much or a liability. He reads the ball well and is very good around the bag on double plays.


Scouts won't give him much credit because of his size. We saw that with Altuve. But, he's similar to Altuve in that he can drive the ball and has quickness to play second. He has better speed than Altuve but has lot less power. His floor is a minor leaguer because his he doesn't have much of a track record for hitting for average and there's no power there.


Above average defensively with a good average and a threat on the basepaths make an exciting player but probably isn't more than an average second baseman.

Will he sign?

Yes. His stock is up this year because he's shown comfort and great skills at second base that scouts are comfortable with him playing there. It's also his best statistical season.