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2013 Draft Fourth Round Pick: Conrad Gregor, 1B, Vanderbilt

A first baseman who has struggled to display his power in the regular season but has some of the best plate discipline in college baseball.

Ryan Dunsmore


Conrad Gregor was on our initial list of prospects to profile, but he had fallen so much this season that we decided that other players took precedent. There is no doubt that Gregor has seen his stock drop during his junior year as his power has fallen off the table. He hit just three home runs this year, which tied for sixth on the team and far behind senior center-fielder, Connor Harrell, who had twelve for the team lead.

Gregor has good size and has the frame for power. He stands 6-3 and weighs 215 pounds. As a left-handed hitter, he creates some good leverage along with good load on his back leg in his swing. He has decent weight shift and he's quick to the ball. There aren't many holes either. He's shown power potential in the past with eight home runs scattered over 44 games in the Cape last summer. But, the six total in his last two seasons in college play is concerning.

That's the highlight with Gregor. Few holes in his swing and great discipline leads to few strikeouts and tons of walks. He's actually had 53 walks this season compared to 26 strikeouts. Thats the type of thing we saw out of draftees last year in Nolan Fontana, Joe Sclafani, and Andrew Aplin.

He's probably limited to first base as well. He's played in the outfield before and that may be an option moving forward, but first base is the likely home for him. He has a strong lower half, but he's fairly athletic and doesn't look like a liability at first.


As a first baseman you can project average power, but if might never develop in the minor leagues. You would want his power showing up better right now, so there's a risk that it doesn't.


His plate discipline is something you can hang your hat on. If he develops average power he could be an average first baseman because his OBP will be well above average.

Will he sign?

I think he will. At this point in the draft, I don't think Luhnow and Co. would take a college signability risk. He could stand to regain some stock with a big senior year, but not enough to be in contention as a first rounder.