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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Devin Williams, RHP, Hazelwood West HS (MO)

Projectable, athletic and poised, Williams's upside is limitless and he flashes three highly impressive pitches.


Though the 2013 draft class is overall very weak, high school pitching is one region where it has a lot of depth. Near the top of the class is Devin Williams, a long and athletic right hander from Hazelwood West in Missouri. Standing 6'3" with a wiry 170 lb. frame, Williams is long-legged and boasts a clean delivery with easy arm action and already runs his fastball up to 93 MPH, sitting between 89 and 91 with more velocity surely in the tank. Despite his young age he repeats his mechanics well and he has excellent control.

In addition to its velocity, his fastball sports great life and has the potential to be a plus pitch down the line. His curveball is his primary breaking ball, and though it currently has inconsistent shape it has sharp, late bite at its best and is difficult to pick up out of his hand. His best secondary offering, though, is his changeup, which projects as plus. It has tumbling break that dives away from hitters and sports good separation from his fastball. At his sharpest, Williams flashes three above-average pitches with command and superior upside that his athleticism and mechanics will only help him reach.

If Williams adds strength as expected and continues to sharpen his stuff, there's little he can't achieve. And, unlike most pitchers with his build and age, he already shows a great feel for the strike zone. His three pitch mix, athleticism and command are tantalizing, and though he won't be the fastest riser, there's sure to be more than a handful of teams willing to scoop him up early next week.

College Commitment- Missouri

MLB Floor

If his curveball doesn't develop more consistency, Williams could settle in as a setup man with his fastball/changeup combination

MLB Ceiling

I see no reason that Williams can't turn into a fine #2 starter given his potential for three above-average pitches and command.

Projected Draft Round

He's widely considered a top 50 prospect, and should go off the board in the first two rounds.

Will He Sign?

Assuming he goes as high as expected, he should be signable.

Devin Williams (10-25-2012) WWBA World Championship (Jupiter, Fla.) (via DiamondScapeBaseball)