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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Trey Michalczewski, 3B, Jenks HS (OK)

A switch hitter with explosive hands, Michalczewski is a baseball athlete with offensive upside in spades and a plus-plus name.


The word "projectable" instantly comes to mind when watching a player like Michalczewski. Though he possesses broad frame, height and length, Jenks's shortstop looks like he's swimming in his uniform. He oozes upside with the bat. His hands cover the plate beautifully and explode through the zone. His broad hips and shoulders flip quickly ahead of his bat and he generates plenty of power despite his currently slim physique. Though he plays shortstop in high school, he projects as a third baseman in the pros but some teams my flirt with the idea of him at second if he doesn't totally fill out.

His swing is vicious but clean. He rips through the zone with plus bat speed and great swing plane, generating hard contact with loft. He projects to have plus power down the road and he has the hands and swing to hit for average, as well. He's a bit of a free swinger and needs to polish his approach as he moves to the pro game. That said, his offensive upside is extremely high and will be the reason he is drafted highly.

In the field, he has a big arm for third base and the range to do well there. He's not the smoothest athlete and he can look a little choppy at times. He needs some work, but he the basic traits for average defense are in place. He may not be a perfect prospect right now, but his upside is what has sent his stock shooting upwards. The low minors are littered with similar prospects such as Patrick Wisdom, Travis Harrison, Patrick Leonard and so on, and though such players have only mediocre success rates, Michalczewski's status as a switch-hitter and projectability make him a worthy gamble.

College commitment: Oklahoma

MLB Floor

Given his rawness on both sides of the ball, it's entirely possible Michalczewki will struggle with contact and his defense and flame out in the minors.

MLB Ceiling

There's plenty to dream on here, and he can be a star hitter at third base if he develops properly. His power is plus, and he has the tools to hit for average too, even if he isn't there yet.

Projected Draft Round

If a team falls in love with his upside, Michalczewski could go as high as the supplemental round, and is unlikely to slide past the third.

Will He Sign?

It will take some money, but he'll likely go highly enough to turn pro.



Trey Michalczewski Batting Right 5/4/2013 (via BLFutures)

Trey Michalczewski Infield 5/4/2013 (via BLFutures)