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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Drew Dosch, 3B, Youngstown State

Though he doesn't bring exciting tools to the table, Dosch has a good shot at becoming a major leaguer who could have a place on most clubs.


An useeming 6'2", 190 pound third baseman for a small college with a 14-43 record, Drew Dosch is an unlikely top 150 prospect with a lot of polish and a hard-nosed play style. Though he is not a superb athlete, Dosch isn't a stiff and he plays with excellent energy. His range is above average at third base and his arm is workable there. He has some trouble with mental mistakes on occasion and has 15 errors this season, but it's not because he lacks the ability to turn into a sound defender. He could likely play second base or the outfield given his high baseball IQ and hustle. He's not going to be a plus defender at any one spot, but his versatility will be seen as a weapon.

As a hitter, Dosch brings a fair amount to the table. His frame is not projectable and his power is below average, but he has a great feel for hitting and an impeccable approach. He has just 25 strikeouts in 237 plate appearances this season, a testament to his outstanding plate coverage and patience. His swing is quick and handsy and he should be able to continue to put the ball in play consistently as a pro. He does not offer much in the way of power or speed, but despite that he was able to post an impressive .338/.434/.488 slash line for the Penguins this season.

Dosch doesn't have the tools to turn into a first-division major league regular, but he has a great chance of turning into a utility man down the line. There are countless players similar to Dosch from a tools perspective who have followed that path to the bigs, and he has plenty to offer to a big league bench for a winning club.

Major League Floor

It's possible that Dosch falls short of the bigs with his bat and tops out as a high minors organizational guy.

Major League Ceiling

A reasonable comparison for Dosch's upside could be someone like Jeff Keppinger, though he won't be able to fill in at shortstop like Keppinger has done in the past. He can, however offer the same kind of high contact rates and solid OBPs to go with defensive versatility.

Projected Draft Round

Baseball America has him ranked 131st in the class, and a team could very easily take him as high as the fourth round to save some money, but I have him graded out closer to the fifth or sixth round.

Will He Sign?

I think he should. He'll be hard pressed to make more money next year as a senior from a school like YSU, and he's unlikely to improve on his numbers much.


Drew Dosch - 3B - Youngstown State University (2013-03-09 at Pitt) (via Jeff Reese)

Drew Dosch, 3B, Falmouth Commodores (Youngstown State) (via pwardell06)

Drew Dosch 2012 (via Brian Scanlon)