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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Jason Monda, OF, Washington State

Jason Monda is probably the lowest-ranked prospect we will profile at TCB.


When I signed up to write a Jason Monda profile back in February, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. It's very possible he may not even get drafted within the first 10 rounds, for a variety of reasons.

The 6'4", 200-pound outfielder from Washington State reminds me of a projectable high school prospect, only he's not a high school prospect. He has the potential of a fourth outfielder, and maybe even an average regular. He plays serviceable defense in the outfield and has some power potential.

He possess good bat speed and a projectable frame, but his swing needs work. I don't like the hitch he has in his load and his swing looks long, which along with his frame, creates holes. He finished the season with a trip slash of .295/.345/.420 with only four (!!!) walks, to 42 strikeouts. He also appeared in 15 games as a reliever, where he was very average.

Major League Floor

Fourth outfielder.

Major League Ceiling

Average leftfielder who bats near the bottom of the lineup – a potential platooon guy.

Projected Draft Round

There's a small chance he goes between rounds 8-10, but I'd be surprised if he went anywhere before the 10th. I think he's drafted in rounds 11-15 and goes back to college for his senior season.

Will He Sign?

Probably not.