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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Ronnie Gideon, 3B/1B, Hallsville HS (TX)

An under the radar prospect who could have his name called in the top 10 rounds and the Astros are interested.


This Ronnie Gideon profile comes as a request from a reader. That doesn't make him a non-prospect whose getting some love for having connections, he's definitely a prospect in his own right. He's made a little noise for himself last year with a few showcase appearances but he also plays basketball which limits his time to appear in a lot of the showcases. Another bit of background information on him is that his father, Ron Gideon, is a roaming instructor/development supervisor in Tri-City in the Rockies Organization. So, you can be sure that he's grown up around baseball and has had some good coaching.

Gideon is a large kid. It's hard not to notice a 6-3, 220 frame roaming around the diamond, especially when that frame is standing out on the field as a shortstop. He won't play there in college if he goes that route, much less in pro ball if he decides to go that route. Regardless, high schools put their best athletes at shortstop and it speaks to his athleticism. He's projected as third baseman but depending on his continued growth and how well he's able to improve his footwork will determine if he needs a move to first. He has the arm for third base, not as asset there, but enough to play it in pro ball.

The calling card for him though is the bat. Anthony was able to see him online in a few showcases and says that his swing can get a bit long at times, but he has good load and a good swing plane to project for him to have some pop. It's obvious his size and strength project for it, but it's another to see him use it and he shows the ability use it. As you'll see below, he's hit an approximately 450 ft bomb with a wood bat.

Given that he wasn't in a lot of showcases, the scouting opportunities against top level pitching is scarce. For example, it's been very common for him to be pitched around in multiple games this season. However, when he does get challenged, he's shown a knack for understanding the strike zone and having a good approach.


There's just not enough data out there on him nor enough performances against top level pitching to really say other than a minor league slugger. He has the tools to be more than that, but how many examples are there of high school sluggers who just don't make enough contact against top level pitching once they get in pro ball. In the majors, his floor would be as a right-handed pinch hitter with some pop.


I could see him as being an above average hitting third baseman because of his power, but will also provide just average defense. I think it's more likely that he's a better defensive first baseman or left-fielder with a slightly above average pop. If his plate discipline proves to be effective in pro ball, you can hang his ceiling a bit higher.

College Commitment: Texas A&M

Projected Draft Round

This is the interesting aspect. It's likely that he gets drafted in round 5-10, but there is a chance that a team that really likes his power potential and feel his plate discipline will translate, he could go before the fifth. Which organizations are sending scouts to see him and are going into his home? Four teams have been in his home and one of those teams is the Astros. He's also been invited and is attending pre-draft workouts for the Astros, Rays, Yankees, and Braves. Given his fathers affiliation with the Rockies, you have to imagine they are at least interested as well. He is going to the MMP Pre-Draft Workout for the Astros this week.

Will he sign?

Texas A&M is a good draw for some, but everyone is different. Some people just don't want to go to college and want to get started with pro ball. With most prospects, if the money is right, they'll sign. So, I think this one hangs on if the offer out-weighs Aggie Land.


Perfect Game

Ronnie Gideon is a 2013 3B/1B with a 6-3 220 lb. frame from Hallsville, TX who attends Hallsville HS. Big strong physical build. Right handed hitter, long and strong swing, tends to step out on swing, deep hand load, generates lots of late bat speed, hits out front, ball comes off the barrel well, has a feel for hitting and squares up, has a ceiling. Solid third base actions, 7.25 runner, good feet and agility for size, plenty of arm strength, on line carry, clean overall actions and makes the routine play, like his bat can get a bit long at times. Son of former minor league two-way player and current Rockies minor league instructor Ron Gideon. Good student.