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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Malik Collymore, 2B/SS, Port Credit Secondary School (ONT)

Perhaps the top Canadian prospect in the entire draft, Collymore stood out at the Perfect Game Pre-Draft Showcase and boasts a lot of very nice tools.


Malik Collymore has played middle infield almost exclusively during his high school days, and there's a good chance he stays there, but he also played at third base in the Perfect Game Pre-Draft Showcase, where he shone.

The moment I saw Collymore's swing, I rushed to find any and all information on him that I could. There isn't a lot. To make sure I wasn't crazy, I emailed Brooks, who took one look and fell just as hard in love as I had. There isn't a lot not to like about Collymore. His 60 time has been clocked as low as 6.54, which is in the 98th percentile among his entire prep class. He throws 90mph across the diamond. He has a beautiful right-handed swing: Very direct to the ball, everything in line, extension and lift out front, quick hands, pull-side power with flashes of excellent extension, good weight shift. He has great range, although his footwork and balance will need some refinement.

MLB Floor

Collymore could turn into something of a super utility player; he's got the speed and range to roam the outfield, the quick hands and arm strength to play all over the infield. There isn't a lot this guy isn't capable of, defensively, with normal development. His bat will play enough to keep him in the mix, and managers will look for a way to keep it in the lineup.

MLB Ceiling

It's high. It's really high. We're only just now beginning to understand what Collymore is capable of, but with plus bat speed and a good hitting tool, not to mention his speed, he could be a premier leadoff man. His style of play, his quick hands, his instincts, and his bat speed remind me of Rickie Weeks.

Projected Round

Collymore is a tough one to project. Many sources think he'll be available somewhere in the 4th-10th rounds, but a couple of strong showcase performances have all but guaranteed that he'll be gone by the end of the third, and likely somewhere toward the middle or the end of the second round.

Quotes and Video

Perfect Game:

Collymore had the fastest 60 time at 6.54 seconds. Has a large athletic frame; he showed good fielding actions and threw 90 mph across the diamond. Malik showed great bat speed during his BP round, hitting three homeruns in 10 cuts.

Baseball Prospectus:

The six-foot, 190 pound infielder creates good leverage in his swing and already boasts solid pull-side power while showing an ability to drive the oppo gap. Collymore should get every chance to stick in the infield, but possesses enough athleticism and foot speed to shift to an outfield corner down the line, if needed.

He's already homered off the GCL Astros:

Watch how quickly his hands get to the ball here. Very impressive: