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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Josh Pettitte, RHP, Deer Park HS (TX)

Andy's kiddo looks like a right-handed mirror image of the former Yankees and Astros star.


Texas is apparently home of the major league stars this season. From Cavan Biggio to Torii Hunter, Jr. through Kacy Clemens and even Josh Pettitte.

Yep, that's right. Andy Pettitte has a kid, who went to Deer Park and dominated with a good, easy delivery. Pettitte the Younger led the Deer to a district title and an appearance in the third round of the Class 5A playoffs. Oh, he also threw two no-hitters this season.

As much fun as it'd be for Houston to draft little Biggio and little Pettitte together, I'm not sure Josh is there yet. He's got a great delivery. It's powerful and easy. He lands balanced and doesn't show much violence in there. It's easy, but he also doesn't show great speed, either.

That's what worries me. He's at 88 mph right now and may work slower than that in games. That's fine when he has great control, which led him to strike out 10 against Boerne HS earlier this season with no walks. His good changeup, curve and slider probably help with that.

Unfortunately, that also might function as an advanced pitcher working against high school hitters who may not be experienced enough to take advantage of his weaknesses. If Pettitte goes to Baylor, he'll have to refine that. He might grow, add velocity and become a big-time prospect. For now, though, he's not there.


If his fastball doesn't improve, Petttitte isn't a guy who has much of a chance of seeing the majors leagues. Right-handers who throw 88 typically have to show something else. Great control. A knuckleball. That leaves Pettitte's floor pretty low, though it doesn't look like he'll be susceptible to many arm injuries because of his delivery, so that's good. Still, I need to see more from his stuff before thinking his floor is rock bottom.


My goodness, but he looks like his dad on the mound, but in reverse. Couldn't you see him becoming the same kind of workhorse starter? Never the "ace" of a staff, but a darned good No. 2 pitcher on a good team? A guy who could throw 200 innings? Or, am I just projecting that onto his nice delivery and good mechanics more than his average stuff suggests? I don't know, I'm betting on Pettitte.

Projected Draft Round

I wouldn't be surprised if someone popped him before Round 10, but I'm guessing he goes after that point.

College Commitment: Baylor

Will He Sign?

Pettitte seems like the perfect guy to go to college and develop more there. He will be drafted, but not high enough to tempt him away from a good baseball program at Baylor.