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2013 MLB Draft: Better Tools, Frazier or Meadows?

Baseball America has a nice breakdown of the five tools between Clint Frazier and Austin Meadows, this year's top high school prospects.

The white smoke seen from Georgia earlier this week wasn't Pope-related, but rather an indication of how hard Clint Frazier hit two baseballs.

As everyone knows by now, the top two high school prospects faced off earlier this week, when Frazier and his teammates "skunked" Austin Meadows' team, 14-4. Although Meadows went hitless, and Frazier stole the show with two bombs, one game doesn't matter much in the long run – the two OF prospects remain neck-and-neck on draft boards.

Before the season, Meadows was widely considered the better prospect. but the writers here at TCB, myself included, have been on the Clint Frazier > Austin Meadows bandwagon for a while now. However; other respected draftniks, like the guys at BA, and Keith Law, still have Meadows as the better overall prospect.

Speaking of BA, they were there to witness Meadows v. Frazier, first-hand, and recently published a tools comparison of the two, chalk-full of insightful quotes from scouts, cross-checkers, and directors. You can read ($) the comparison in its entirety by clicking here, but for those w/o a BA subscription, here's a quick breakdown:


Meadows is a better overall hitter.

Frazier has more power.

Speed and Defense are a "push".

Frazier has a much bigger arm.

Meadows has a bigger frame.

Frazier has more swagger.


My favorite quote from the piece, courtesy of an area scout:

"The bigger the stage, the bigger the game, [Clint Frazier is] just an animal. You could take the top 40 kids in the country and put them in a steel cage and say, 'Who comes out with the baseball will go first,' and I'd bet you that kid would go first. That's just his mentality."