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Astros History: Stepping Back A Year

Let's take a break from going several years back into the Astros History and take a step back to just last year. At game 139 last year the Astros were 47-92 which is almost a weeks worth of wins better that this years club.

Starting with game 139 going forward the Astros won nine games and lost 14. Not great, but certainly better than the pace this club is on this year.

The pitcher with the most wins during that time period was Brett Myers who collected four wins. Wandy Rodriguez, J.A. Happ, David Carpenter, Henry Sosa and Mark Melancon all had one win a piece.

Mark Melancon also collected three saves.

Bud Norris and Henry Sosa lead the team in loses with three each. Wandy Rodriguez and Lucas Harrell each had two wins a piece and Wilton Lopez, David Carpenter, Jordan Lyles Enerio Del Rosario and Brett Myers all had one loss.

Overall during that stretch the Astros scored 85 runs, while allowing 114. They played in four extra inning games, losing three of them.

Last years stretch was pretty brutal, but this years may turn out to be even worse.