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Astros History: Bill Doran, Where It Began

We've already covered Bill Doran once, but that was his departure from the Astros. This time I want to take this article back to where it all began.

With the 138th pick in the 1979 amateur draft the Astros select, Bill Doran.

It wasn't until 1982 that Doran made his debut with the Astros, more specifically it was September 6, 1982. In his debut he would go 0-3, but in his next game he would go 1-3 with a walk and a run scored. That would start a 10-game hitting streak for Doran, in which he hit .361/.385/.411 with 13 hits, three doubles, five runs driven in and two walks.

Prior to his debut in the majors, Doran spent four years in the minors and if there's ever a prospect to point to as not showing a whole lot but producing in the minors it's Doran. The first comparable player that comes to mind when thinking about Doran is Nolan Fontana.

In his first year at rookie ball in the minors Doran hit .256/.335/.311 in 187 plate appearances walking, 19 walks, more than striking out, 16 strikeouts. The next year he got close to walking more than striking out at A ball but fell just short with 50 walks to 53 strikeouts. He hit .244/.333/.305 in 423 plate appearances that year and followed it up with a .281/.389/.389 in 515 plate appearances at AA ball. There he walked way more times than he struck out, with 74 walks to 48 strikeouts. Finally in AAA he hit .302/.395/.390 in 650 plate appearances, walking 87 times and striking out 63 times. He would never see the Minor Leagues again until 1993 when he played in the Milwaukee Brewers system.

Doran is the type of prospect that I would have loved and the other guys would have hated me for putting in the top 20. He's not a highly touted prospect, but he's a prospect that becomes a more productive Major League player than some highly touted prospect who fall by the wayside.

Pretty good for a guy drafted in the sixth round.