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Astros History: Lance Berkman's 2006 Season

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It's game 136 and what better statistic to talk about than runs batted in. 2006 was both a good year and a bad year. It was a bad year because the Astros fell just short of the playoffs, but it was a good year because Lance Berkman had arguably his best year offensively. His OPS+ that year was 163 which is slightly higher than his 2001, 161 OPS+, year and his 2004 and 2008m 160 OPS+, year.

Another high for Berkman was his runs batted in (RBI) which was 136 both a career high and a franchise high. While we don't use the RBI statistic to evaluate a player, it does say a little bit about a hitter if he's setting career highs. One he's taking advantage of his teammates getting on base ahead of him and two he's probably hitting in an ideal spot in the lineup to collect a ton of RBIs. It's a very vague statistic.

Prior to Berkman setting the franchise high in RBI for a season, Jeff Bagwell held the record with 135 in 1997. Prior to Bagwell it was Bagwell, Bagwell and Bagwell. Berkman is fifth on the list, then Bagwell and Berkman tied for sixth with 126. Moises Alou and Richard Hidalgo hold the eighth and ninth spot respectivel, and then it's Bagwell again.

Coming off a World Series appearance the Astros overall disappointed, but at least we got see a record broken.