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Super Sunday Astros Links September 28, 2012

Business, Minor League players, history and nuances all in today's links.

Alan Crowhurst - Getty Images

While SB Nation was going through a redesign I was putting together these flashy links.

This Is The Business We've Chosen

MLB on Cusp of TV Extensions with FOX, TBS That Will Net $800M Annually
By Maury Brown | CHA-CHING!

Baseball Prospectus | Bizball: Astros Will Use Money to Pay Down Debt, but Is That a Bad Thing?
By Maury Brown

These Are The Players We've Chosen

2012 Baseball Draft: 16th Round in Review - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Minor League Prospect Report: Nick Tropeano, RHP, Houston Astros - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

What the Heck, Bobby?: An Interview with RHP Aaron West
By Jayne Hansen

This Is The History of the Game

Astros County: Your Neighborhood Astros Blog & Grill: Remembering Milo
By Astros County

Ultimate Astros " Solomon: Good luck, Bo Porter; history is not on your side
By Jerome Solomon

When MLB used replacement officials ... - Baseball Nation
By Rob Neyer

This Is The Team We Have Chosen

What the Heck, Bobby?: Astros Season Ticket Holder Townhall
By Jayne Hansen

This Is The Nuance of the Game

Pitcher Pace, and Who’s Really In Control | FanGraphs Baseball
By Jeff Sullivan

Roster Expansion and September Hitting | FanGraphs Baseball
By Dave Cameron

ERA+ Vs. ERA- - Beyond the Box Score
By Bryan Grosnick