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Luhnow Hints At Specific Staff Changes Looming

As part of the press conference to announce Bo Porter (even though Porter wasn't present), the Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said they wanted to complement Porter's strengths with the rest of his staff.

"He's an expert in specific areas, including outfield, baserunning, and fundamentals," Luhnow said.

He later said that the staff would be rounded out with people who could help support him on infield play, pitching and the switch to the American League.

What does that suggest for the composition of the current Astros staff? Well, he did say that no decisions would be made until Porter officially takes the job, but I can't see anyone on this staff coming back. Joe Pettini may be the bench coach, but I'd bet on the Astros bringing in a guy there who has that AL experience.

It also doesn't sound like Doug Brocail will be the answer as the next pitching coach, but I have no clue who they might bring into that role. Insert generic Dave Duncan reference here.

One possibility (if he wants it) could be bringing in Tim Bogar to be the bench coach. That would give Houston both the solid infield experience and a guy who has recent AL experience to help Porter out. Bogar doesn't have any previous managerial experience at the major league level, but maybe being a bench coach in Houston would help move him up the charts faster for another job..

Anyways, that's all baseless speculation. Who do you have filling those roles Luhnow mentioned?