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Houston Astros Hire Bo Porter As Next Manager

The Houston native will be landing his first managerial job and was reported as the choice late Wednesday night.

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

The Houston Astros have their man.

They just don't have him yet.

A news conference has been called for 10 a.m. Thursday morning by the Houston Astros, who will make "an announcement." Early Wednesday morning, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports reported through MLB sources that Bo Porter was the man for the job. Porter is currently serving as third base coach for the Washington Nationals.

What is unknown right now is whether Porter would join the team immediately or stay with the Nationals through their playoff run. Rosenthal reported that he will stay with Washington, which would be an unusual situation for MLB teams, but fairly common for college football coaches.

It will be the first major league managerial job for Porter, a Houston native. Astros County first floated Porter's name as a possibility, so good job by them for proving right twice in this managerial search.

Whatever this front office does, it keeps people on their toes. With the draft, with the Mills firing in the first place and now with this announcement, Houston has bucked the trend and really kept things locked up tight. After all, everyone assumed that Tim Bogar and Dave Martinez were the leading candidates coming into this week. Like the Mark Appel pick, though, the team pulled a fast one on us.

What do you think? Is Porter the right guy for the job? Were you sad no one else was chosen? What about him staying on with the Nationals?