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Astros History: Ron Villone

Ron Villone spent 15 years in the Major Leagues, two of those years with the Astros. In his two years with the Astros Villone struck out 156 batters which is why we'll be taking a look at him today in advance of game 156 on the season.

Villone had an interesting two years with the Astros and mostly because they weren't consecutive years. On June 27, 2001, he was acquired from the Colorado Rockies for Jay Powell. He would pitch 68 below average innings for the Astros, while striking out 65. In the offseason he signed with the Pirates.

He was signed as a free agent with the Arizona Diamondbacks prior to the 2003 season, but never appeared in a Major League game for them that year. He was released by the Diamondbacks May 15, 2003, and signed with the Astros four days later on the 19th. With the Astros he pitched above average as a starter, striking out 91 batters in 106.2 innings. He would pitch even better the next year, but did so with the Seattle Mariners and primarily as a reliever.

Overall, with Houston, Villone was an average to slightly below average pitcher for the Astros. In fact he did that with 11 other teams in the league as well.