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SB Nation's New Layout Doesn't Bring The Astros A Win Over The Cardinals, Lose 4-0

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Recap is going to be short, because I'm tired, I found out Zachary Levine is leaving the Houston Chronicle and I want to start a discussion about the new site layout. I want to hear your feedback and what you like or don't like? We're going to be playing around with the layout over the next few days so be sure to make note of the layouts you like.

Personally I like the look. I think it's simpler, clean and less busy than the previous layout. We had several things surrounding the content we produced and while it wasn't terrible it was busy and I always felt like it made people shy away from participating on the site. I think this cleans up some of that and makes it more inviting.

I'm also excited with some of the new tools we're getting with the layout we have more control and can highlight some of the better content we put out. I know change isn't always the easiest thing to go through, so I just ask for your patience. A lot of the eye sores on this site are due to old content built for the previous layout and us still learning and adjusting to the new layout and tools. This site will look very different a week from now, so I ask for your patience and that you send any constructive feedback you may have to

If you haven't read the welcome post I would highly recommend you do so.


Lucas Harrell didn't have his best stuff, but only allowed two earned runs in five innings. Xavier Cedeno followed striking out two in a perfect sixth inning. Hector Ambriz ran into trouble in his 1.1 innings of work, allowing two runs on two hits. Wesley Wright relieved him and finished off the eighth with little trouble. Mickey Storey pitched a perfect, very quick, ninth inning.

Overall, nine hits, four earned runs, six walks and six strikeouts. I have a good feeling about this bullpen next year.


Jose Altuve returned to the lineup and went 2-4. Brandon laird was the only other Astros player to reach base multiple times. Zero walks says it all.


Two fine double plays saved Harrell from collecting more earned runs.


Chris Carpenter vs Bud Norris, 7:05 PM CT.