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Astros History: Kirk Saarloos

For game 134 on the eve of Labor Day we're going to take a look at one of my favorite pitcher names to say Kirk Saarloos.

I always thought Kirk Saarloos would pitcher better than what he showed, and he eventually did with the Oakland Athletics, but with the Astros he failed to really put it all together.

Drafted out of the third round of the 2001 draft, Saarloos made his debut with the Astros a year later June 18, 2002. In 4.2 innings he allowed six earned runs, six hits and three walks, while striking out four. He did have some success in 17 starts for the Astros that year, but it was more bad than good and he finished with a 6.01 ERA. The next year didn't go as well either, pitching primarily out of the bullpen.

However, he did contribute to something pretty historic. On June 11, 2003, he and five other pitchers took part in a six pitcher no-hitter against the New York Yankees. Saarloos followed Pete Munro by getting four straight Yankees out, one of which came via the strikeout. Brad Lidge relieved him and after Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner contributions he became part of the Astros 10th no-hitter.

Overall, Saarloos appeared in 53 games for the Astros, 21 of those starts. He posted an ERA of 5.61, 78 ERA+, in 134.2 innings. He may not be remembered by many Astros fans, but he certainly made enough of an impression to become the answer to a sports question.

Who was the third Astros to pitch in the Astros last no-hitter?