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An Astros Recap. In Haiku Form Just For Fun. Is It April Yet?

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Former Baseball Prospectus prospect guru Kevin Goldstein now works for the Astros. In a tribute to perhaps his greatest literary work, I present tonight's Astros game recap in Haiku form.


The trees turn colors
In St. Louis, there's baseball.
When did Lohse get good?

First Inning:

Moore ground-rule double
Yet no other Astros hits.
Abad looks a-good.

Second Inning:

Bad play Martinez
Catchers should not get triples.
RBI for Cards

Third Inning:

Lohse is in control
Stros waste Dominguez double
Brett pops up again.

Fourth Inning:

Maxwell is gunned down,
Molina's throw on target.

Fifth Inning:

Another triple
Fifth Inning curse strikes again
Score Three to Zero

Sixth Inning:

Lohse wipes out on mound
Astros can't take advantage.
What did we expect?

Seventh Inning:

Yay! Two men on base.
But nothing doing for 'stros.
The Cards plate one though.

Eighth Inning:

RBI Wallace!
Hooray! There goes the shut-out!
I blame Boggs' bad hair.

Ninth Inning:

Just not a good game.
Fourteen Astros left on base.
Cards win 4 to 1.