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Astros Clinch Playoff Berth In 6-4 Win Over Phillies

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At least it's what it feels like.... Well, okay, it's close enough. The Astros after today's win over the big bad Phillies have a .500 winning percentage over their last 10 games. Yay! We also have some very good commentators in the game thread who are excellent at providing concise information in summarizing the important parts of the game, as you can see here:

We won!?

Holy crap! Somebody give me a quick rundown I’m on the phone.

by MadMartygan on Sep 13, 2012 10:41 PM CDT via mobile reply actions

Astros come back from 4 down to win 6-4. Matt Dominguez 3-run homer. Jed

Lowrie pinch hit 2-run double.

by jmike on Sep 13, 2012 10:42 PM CDT up reply actions

However, as with any recap given, there are several things to consider when composing a recap that these silly novices just did not do. For example, the quantity of information contained in a recap is directly proportional to the time it takes for a single person to read the recap. For this very reason, a short recap - the 3-sentence recap above - is insufficient at providing enough detail of the game although it is quick to read. While we receive adequate information on the offense, we do not see anything on the pitching side of things. And for that reason, the 3-sentence recap above is extremely biased and just not acceptable. This is why I am am here. I have come to tell you what you have been yearning to know ever since this day started. Now follow me:

¡Bueno, Bueno, Bueno!

Well, the Astros obviously won and they did so 6-4. So that's a good thing. Some other good things include Matt Dominguez's rockin' 3-run torture shot into the Crawford boxes. Thank you, Carlos Lee! Jose Altuve also stole his 30th base of the season. Jed Lowrie was also a pretty big factor in the game with his 2-run, go ahead double. What else? Brandon Barnes with two hits including an RBI single? Wilton Lopez with the fist-pump to close out the game? Yeah, fun stuff.

¡Malo, Malo, Malo!

Oh boy, Jimmy Paredes. It seems another day, there's another error in the field. This game he played RF and apparently had issues fielding the ball again.

Lucas Harrell didn't have a very good start. Four runs (3 earned) in 5.2 innings of work, 7 hits and 5 walks and then getting ejected by the homeplate umpire. Even he said himself that his start was horrible:

And that's about it, I think.