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Goodbye Braves and Good Riddance, Astros Lose To Braves

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Can we say this game was the Astros season in a microcosm?

Things started out well, with a good pitching performance before things fell apart. The offense had some opportunities, but couldn't come through in crucial situations, leaving Houston behind for most of the game. The bullpen looked good but gave up too many runs and Brett Wallace did nothing but hit, hit, hit.

Oh, wait, he hasn't done that all season. That's a new thing.

The most frustrating part of this one has to be Bud Norris, who looked dominant at times, but couldn't put it all together. That big inning has gotten the better of many Astros pitchers in the last month, but with Norris, he's got the stuff to avoid that.

To make matters worse, this makes four straight games Houston has lost when Tim's been in attendance. I can't blame the entire mid-season swoon on him, but he certainly isn't helping matters. Let's just agree that he probably shouldn't attend any more games for a while.

Well, if the goal is to lock in that No. 1 overall pick by Sept. 1, maybe he should...

EDIT: Tim just reminded me that he went to Saturday's victory too, which is a rare road win for this team. So, he's really 4 for 5 on losses in person, which is remarkably similar to Houston's winning percentage since June 1.