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Astros Trade Ben Francisco For The All To Familiar PTBNL

Oh, Ben Francisco, how little we knew ye
Oh, Ben Francisco, how little we knew ye

Jeff Luhnow's busy evening continues. Maybe Terri was right and the Astros front office is full of vampires.

According to Brian McTaggart via Twitter:

If history is indication I'm sure most will be happy with who the Astros acquire for Ben Francisco.

With the Astros Francisco was hitting just as well as he had with the Toronto Blue Jays whom the Astros traded with to acquire Francisco and other players. In 90 plate appearances, Francisco was batting .247/.289/.365 with two homeruns.

In the player to be named later from the Tampa Bay Rays, honestly, I wouldn't expect much of a return. My guess would be cash, but predictions on Jeff Luhnow moves are typically hit or miss, mostly miss. If Luhnow was able to acquire a prospect of promise from Andrew Friedman then it's safe to say Jeff Luhnow is king of the hill and wins this season despite having the worst team in Major League baseball.

The more important part of this deal is that it frees up another 40 man roster spot, which now with the trade sits at 38. You may begin inserting your favorite prospect not on the 40-man that should be called up. Let the games begin!