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Astros History: Jason Lane's 132 Extra Base Hits

As you can see by the title we're going to be taking a look at Jason Lane and his 132 extra base hits, which ranks 38th all-time among Astros/Colt .45's hitters.

Just behind him is Jeff Kent with 131 extra base hits and six ahead of him is Bill Spiers.

It took him 1361 plate appearances to reach those extra base hits. In 494 games he hits 61 homeruns, seven triples and 64 doubles. That breaks down to a .458 slugging percentage, or a .216 ISO if you prefer that sort of thing.

Lane played a total of six seasons with the Astros only one of which did he get more than 500 plate appearances. Coincidentally that was also his best year. Everyone remembers 2005, well Lane was a part of that.

He was third on the team in OPS+ behind Lance Berkman and Morgan Ensberg but ahead of Craig Biggio. He was tied with Biggio for second in homeruns and was third on the team in runs batted in. Again behind Berkman and Ensberg and just ahead of Biggio.

Defensively, he was rated as a -.4 defensive WAR (dWAR) defender in right field. That's not great, but it's also not terrible, it's average to slightly below average. Offensively, he was rated as a 1.4 offensive WAR (oWAR) hitter, batting mostly in the fifth spot of the lineup. That's a 1.6 Baseball-Reference (rWAR) overall, which isn't great, but it's also not terrible.

Yes, Jason Lane never fulfilled his potential, but he did provide positive value to the Astros.