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PTBNL In Myers Deal Is Chris Devenski

Well, one mystery has been revealed, as the player to be named in the Brett Myers trade with the Chicago White Sox has been named. It's 2011 draftee Chris Devenski, drafted out of Cal State Fullerton in the 25th round. He will report to Class A Lexington.

Devenski is 21 and has a power arm. He was clocked in the mid 90's from the bullpen last year with Fullerton as one of their lockdown arms in the bullpen. That's also where he started his White Sox career before moving to the starting rotation recently.

The question is whether Devenski is the jewel of this trade. He may have the best stuff of the three pitchers who came over and, if they keep him in the bullpen, could be a late-inning arm more quickly too. However, by pushing him into the bullpen, Houston is also lowering his ceiling quite a bit.

Devenski probably won't rank on the new organizational top prospects list, but he's another intriguing arm that could move quickly. How much does this improve the Myers trade in your eyes? Does it push it ahead of the Chris Johnson deal?

The other point I wanted to make is that looking at the list of Blue Jays' 2011 draftees, it appears the answer to the Toronto PTBNL may not be Jeremy Gabryzwski, since he signed on July 27 and probably would have been named by now. That leaves a couple interesting arms, like Daniel Norris and John Stilson, along with third baseman Matt Dean, along with others. Norris is another guy we profiled last year on TCB, so he'd certainly be a welcome addition, if Toronto would part with him (which is doubtful).