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Astros History: This Blog Needs More Rusty Staub

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so that's who we're going to cover in advance of game 127 on the season.

1967 was arguably Rusty Staub's best year as a Houston Astro. He hit for a 153 OPS+ and posted a 4.9 rWAR, all at the wonderful age of 23.

In 621 plate appearances, spread across 149 games, he posted a triple slash line of .333/.398/.473. He banged only 10 homeruns and raced to one triple, but lead the league in doubles with 44 and also hit 127 singles (the reason for this post). All that got him his first All-Star selection and some MVP votes (16th overall).

Manning right field, Staub looked to be one of three promising young players for the Houston Astros going forward. To his right was 25 year old centerfielder Jimmy Wynn and in front of him playing second base was a 23 year old Joe Morgan. Unfortunately, as you know (and as we've covered before) this wasn't meant to be.

Staub was with the team only one more year before being shipped to Montreal in a bizarre trade that saw the Astros get absolutely hosed. In 1971 Joe Morgan was traded and in 1973 Jimmy Wynn was traded. The early 70's could have been a lot different if all three had stuck around.

Before Staub departed he accomplished something interesting: In 1967 he hit the 127 singles covered above; in 1968 he followed that up with 128 singles. After that, and with the help of getting out of Astrosdome, Staub quit hitting singles and started hitting bombs.