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TCB Podcast Episode 54 - The Return Of The Heavy Breather

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TCB Podcast Logo
TCB Podcast Logo

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums regarding everything Houston Astros baseball.

In this episode David Coleman, Brooks Parker, Sean Feist, Terri Schlather (Tales From The Juice Box) and myself discuss:

  • Scouting Report on Kevin Comer who was the PTBNL in the Toronto Blue Jays deal
  • Tony DeFrancesco being named the manager and the rumors following him from Oklahoma City
  • Candidates for the Astros manager position including: Joe Pettini, Brad Ausmus, Carlos Oquendo, Jim Riggleman, Terry Francona, Ryne Sandberg, Chris Maloney
  • Did Brad Mills get a fair shake as manager

Apologizes for last weeks podcasts not getting up on time. I had issues with the RSS feed that I finally figured out today. I deleted something I shouldn't have at the end of the feed that caused it to fail. That specific fail will not happen again.

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