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Astros Drop 2 Out Of 3 To The Cubs, Lose 7-2

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The Astros further distanced themselves from the second worst team in the NL Central this week as they lost 2-3 games to the Cubs this week. As good and exciting as yesterday's win was with the solid pitching from Harrell and strong offense up and down the lineup, today's game was the complete opposite. The pitching (starting pitching in particular) was bad, the defense was iffy even though no errors were committed, and the offense (minus Scott Moore and Jose Altuve) failed to show up. That's the gist of it, but we will break it down a little further.

The Pitching

Like much of this season, today was another frustrating day for Bud Norris. He exited early in the fourth with a foot injury from off of a comeback from Vitters. By that time Norris had already allowed eight hits and three walks which led to six earned runs in his 3.1 innings pitched. Add to that the fact that he allowed three homeruns, two of which to David DeJesus, and it was a really tough outing for Norris. His ERA on the season now sits at 5.23. If your trying to stay positive here then maybe you can point to him raising his K/9 rate today. Other than that I've got nothing.

Other than that the rest of the staff had a decent game. Chuckie Fick had a rough go at it. He did not allow an earned run, but did give up one unearned run on one hit and three walks. Mickey Storey had a nice afternoon as he struck out three in 1.1 innings of work. Wesley Wright and Xavier Cedeno had positive outings in the lefty specialist roles as well.


Jose Altuve and Scott Moore had good games at the plate. The rest of your Astros...Not so much. Altuve was 3-4 with three singles and has raised his average up to .305 now. Scott Moore was 2-4 with a homerun and a single. His other two plate appearances ended in strikeouts, but I'm willing to overlook that since he hit his seventh homerun of the year. Brian Bogusevic and Brandon Barnes had your other hits on the day, both singles. Cubs pitching was tough on our Astros today as they racked up a total of nine strikeouts during the game. Ben Francisco and Jason Castro drew the only walks of the afternoon.

Up Next

The Astros will have an off-day tomorrow before returning home to face Chris Johnson and the Diamondbacks on Friday. Dallas Keuchel squares off against Wade Miley at 7:05 PM.