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Astros History: Frank DiPino

in advance of game 119 on the season, let's talk a little bit about the player who finished a 119 games for the Astros from 1982-1986.

119 games finished is good enough for eighth on the Astros all-time games finished leader board, just ahead of Frank LaCorte (117) and behind Doug Jones (130).

On August 30, 1982 the Astros traded Don Sutton to the Milwaukee Brewers for players to be named later and cash. The Astros received their players to be named later on September 3, 1982, along with Frank DiPino the Houston acquired Kevin Bass and Mike Madden.

In Dipino's first year,1983, with the club he posted a 6.04 ERA in 28.1 innings and six starts. The Astros must have seen something in him because they moved him to the bullpen and were rewarded with a 2.63 ERA, or a 128 ERA+, in 71.1 innings the next year, 1983. He collected 20 saves and finished 32.

The next year he was only average with a 3.35 ERA, or a 99 ERA+, in 75.1 innings. He collected 14 saves and finished 44 games overall for the Astros. From there it's all kind of downhill for DiPino in regards to his Astros career.

He continued to pitch more innings, but his ERA and ERA+ continued to trend downwards and with it his games finished.

In 1986 he was traded to Chicago Cubs for Davey Lopez. He did the same thing with Chicago that he had done with Houston, one good year flanked by less than average years. He continued that trend with the St. Louis Cardinals before finally wrapping up his career with the Kansas City Royals.

Overall with Houston he posted a 3.65 ERA, a 94 ERA+, in 291.1 innings.