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Brandon Barnes Homers, Marwin Gonzalez Defends, Astros Lose 7-1

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Good Evening Astros fans. The Astros took a drubbing by the Cubs to the tune of of a 7-1 loss. The important things you should remember are: Brandon Barnes can hit the high heater for a homerun, Marwin Gonzalez can defend at 3rd base and can do it well, Jason Castro returns, Armando Galarraga is just simply not good, Fernando Martinez hits too many groundballs, and Brett Wallace is a bad defender.. This is the recap for game number 118.

Bueno Bueno Bueno!

Brandon Barnes came off the bench and hit his first major league homerun on a high fastball from Jeff Samardzija. The ball soared with the help of the Wrigley wind to left-center field. It was a ball that would have been out if this was Minute Maid Park.

Marwin Gonzalez is showing his skill for a measly rule-5 pick from the Cubs, with not only an average bat, but with some very well needed defense on some very well hit balls. There were three plays Marwin Gonzalez made today of certain importance, with at least one of them being very difficult. Marwin Gonzalez should be cemented as the Astros' bench player of choice for quite a while.

Jason Castro made his return from the disabled list, going 1-4 with 3 strikeouts. He also had a throwing error. Perhaps this should be in the malo category, but his return bounces him into the bueno category.

Malo Malo Malo!

Armando Galarraga is nothing more than a 5th starter - a fill-in, a 26th man for unique double headers. His role has been a bit more than that, but expect Armando Galarraga's tenure with the Astros to end when a better pitcher comes along.

Fernando Martinez seems to have some similarities to Brian Bogusevic with regards to groundballs. Tonight was no different as he grounded into a very debilitating double play - something I consider as a negative offensive attribute since not only an out is made, two outs are made and a baserunner is erased. He seemed to have an average GB rate in the minors. We will see how he fares from now onward.

Brett Wallace flubbed up another play at 1st base, diving to grab the ball with the glove right in the vicinity it needed to be to be able to grab the ball, but as he dove, he didn't catch the ball and end up knocking it further away from his reach as he fell to the ground with the 7th run of the game scoring. With several other defensive miscues in his past other games such as his throwing errors from 3rd base, this does not serve a very good indicator of future success from Brett Wallace unless his bat can serve him well in the future.