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Keep The Unis! Blue And Gold Forever! Astros Walkoff With Another Win

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Hot dog, keep the uniforms rolling. After the Astros asked to wear their Flashback Friday uniforms for one more day, they got their wish and another win. Houston also picked up its first extra inning win of the season, downing a pretty terrible Milwaukee bullpen 6-5 on Scott Moore's bloop single with the bases loaded.

As much as this win was great for Houston, it was really helped by Milwaukee's terrible play. Livan Hernandez can't cover first? Carlos Gomez looking awful in center field? Just a frustrating, frustrating series from a Brewers perspective. I'm sure Astros fans can sympathize with a team that seems like its beating itself over and over again.

Two other things stand out: Tyler Greene had a very nice debut in his first start as an Astro. His double in the first reminded me of Rickie Weeks' from Friday night, while his home run was a very nice surprise. Greene has shown power in the minors before, but it never translated to the majors. Maybe reuniting with Jeff Luhnow got his mojo going.

The other thing was another nice start by Dallas Keuchel. He gave up some runs, but he looked like a big league pitcher for the second straight start. He even struck out six, which is a very encouraging sign. We've got to take small steps here, in a game between two of the worst teams in the league. But, a couple of wins made this weekend much, much nicer.