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Walk It Off, Houston's Comeback Beats Brewers 4-3

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Wesley Wright is a prophet.

Just days ago, he lamented the fact that he hadn't gotten to be a part of any "jumping around" walkoff celebrations. After the game, he said (via text to one of the Astros' PR guys) that there was no way he was going to miss it when Brian Bogusevic came through with his single up the middle.

Man, that pile just kept moving and moving and moving, didn't it? It ended up almost in center field, and, sure enough, some of the relievers in the bullpen did get to run in and be a part of it.

How perfect, too, for Bogusevic to be the man to deliver the hit. He's been so maligned (sometimes rightly so) for his offense, and yet, he's come up clutch more often than anyone else on this roster. If you believe in things like "clutchiness."

Tyler Greene got to show off his stolen base chops, like we talked about all yesterday, swiping his first bag as an Astro before scrambling to third on a wild pitch. It was a crazy play, and you could just see things breaking badly for this snakebitten team. But, it didn't. Greene got to third and scored on Pearce's single later on.

Crazy, crazy game, starting with the no-hitter that almost was, broken up by Scott Moore's bunt. Do you want to hear some insider baseball on that? I asked Moore after the game if the bunt call came from the dugout or if he threw it down himself.

He said he couldn't completely take credit, as there were other guys on the team telling him how far back Aramis Ramirez was playing him and that it was open. When he took the first ball, he saw Ramirez creep in before moving back out and knew he had a chance. Bing, bang, boom, he reached on a hit with a bunt and Houston wasn't no-hit. Out of all the things I've been able to do with this press pass, getting that little tidbit has to be my favorite so far.

Anyways, this was a very, very good win for a team in desperate need of them. With the way Houston has kicked around the Brewers bullpen lately, they might even end the weekend with another one...

Post Game Audio:

Brian Bogusevic, Bud Norris and Brad Mills