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The Worst Team In Baseball Loses Again

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What a perfect metaphor game for how this season has gone. It was just good enough to get your hopes up and just bad enough to crush them down to size again. There were some good things that happened early and then some bad ones that happened late. A promising start led to no offense at all in the later innings. Etc., etc., etc.

The Astros are certainly playing like the worst team in baseball right now and things haven't gotten better since Carlos Lee finally got traded. Maybe after Wandy and Myers leave too (with possibly Lyon hitching a ride out as well), things will start to return to normal.

The question we have to ask is this: Is the current slump Houston in an abberation or regression? Is this June Swoon? Or have the Astros just found their true talent level. Maybe Jed Lowrie is a .250 hitter with some pop. Maybe Jose Altuve is meant to hit .290-.300 instead of .320. Maybe Chris Johnson hasn't learned to hit those sliders.

We don't really know and won't for quite some time. I mean, we should know more by the end of the season, but that's a ways off yet. For now, we have to live with Houston being bad and bad things happening to good players. Too bad that one of Jordan Lyles' best starts in the majors isn't rewarded. Too bad that Houston chasing Greinke early again didn't lead to another win.

Too bad we're having to watch a whole lot of losing baseball at the All-Star break for a third straight season. Oh, well. At least Jonathan Singleton did well in the Futures Game.