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Astros Lose Close One On Last Play Of Game

The Astros traded this guy at just the right time.
The Astros traded this guy at just the right time.

HOUSTON - J.D. Martinez sealed the loss for the Astros when his insanely slow legs prevented him from doing something most other people could do: driving in the tying run that would have given the Astros another chance to win. His unique talent set the stage for perhaps another record losing streak for the Astros, something the Astros hope to get right this time. Don't discount Francisco Cordero either, having given up just enough runs in this game for the Astros to lose. Also, props to Brad Mills for leaving out Bud Norris so long that he falls apart in the 7th inning after pitching a scoreless previous 6 frames. But even if things may seem fine and dandy with the Astros recently losing another game en route to one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Astros are still concerned that they may never have any more record losing streaks by season's end.

While it was their 26th loss in the past 29 games, it would seem some record was broken during that time span. However, the longest losing streak on record was only 12 games long, ending with a dissatisfying win on July 29th, just a day ago. I had a chance to talk about disgruntled Brad Mills after the game, and he had this to say:

Me: What's the biggest problem for this team so far?

Mills: The biggest problem's been consistency. You look at the record (3-26) and you kinda figure that there was a 23-game losing streak in there which, you know, would have been just awesome. Instead we ended up winning one game, losing a couple, winning another, losing a couple. I mean there was just no way we could break records that way, so it's heartbreaking for us... I think with the recent trades we'll be much better. I hear Chris Johnson hit a grand-slam today for the D-Backs. If he was still with the club today, I'd have to think we would have won another game. I think that was a good move by Luhnowsie.

The clear indication for this team is that that they want to be the best losers in the major leagues this year, having made progress already by acquiring loser Francisco Cordero and trading away winners Brett Myers, Brandon Lyon, and several others in blockbuster trades. However, they are still at risk at being beaten in the category for losses by season's end. If the Cubs make deals tonight, the results may be catastrophic which is why the club is interested in making more moves. But the clock is ticking with the trade deadline less than 24 hours away. It will be interesting to see who gets traded. Some favorites include Wilton Lopez, whom Brad Mills has a hard time managing. After Mills tried to blow his arm out by using him too much earlier this year, Wilton Lopez has come back from his DL stint stronger than ever. Now Brad Mills is forced to sit him on the bench in close games, lying useless in a roster spot that could be filled with a much more valuable player such as Enerio del Rosario. Scott Moore is also doing quite well for somebody many expected to be washed up like a rubber tire half uncovered in a river bed with the sun beating down on the sand like an abusive maniac. Another homerun today, who do you think you are Scottie, Babe Ruth? A trade possibility is not set in stone. Maybe nobody gets traded. Maybe somebody gets traded? Who do you think gets dealt? Leave me a comment, bro.

UPDATE: It appears that Travis Snider has been traded mid-game and was seen shaking hands. This could be the perfect washed-up player the Astros need. Thoughts?

UPDATE #2: Snider was traded to the Pirates for Brad Lincoln. Maybe we can get a guy like Brandon Belt for Wilton Lopez? Thoughts?

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