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TCB Podcast Episode 48 - The Votes Are In

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TCB Podcast Logo

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In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist, Brooks Parker and myself discuss:

  • Jose Altuve is the Astros All-Star representative; Jed Lowrie is not
  • Carlos Lee rejects trade to Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Is Nolan Fontana a Top 10 prospect
  • What to do with Tal's Hill and the train
  • The six-man rotation
  • Various Minor League happenings

Here's the video of Andrew Aplin that we discussed in the podcast:

For those interested we are doing live podcasts Sunday evening at 7:05 PM CT. Why watch a team you don't care about on Sunday night baseball when you could come discuss the Astros with us. If you don't care for crinkle fries and muppet discussion at least come join the Minor League discussion.

Our live recording went on a lot longer than the edited version is. I try to keep the shows 40-50 minutes but sometimes we get into a good discussion that I just can't bring myself to cut off. In those times I often cut out some content to make sure the edited version is still at a reasonable time.

In this episode we got into some interesting draft discussion towards the end that I ended up cutting. The edited one on the podcasts won't have that discussion, but the archived live show is on the Mixlr site if you have a desire to listen to the longer version of our podcast.

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