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The Chris Johnson Houston Astros Trade Link Dump

Here's what they're saying about the Houston Astros trading Chris Johnson to the Arizona Diamondbacks for infielder Bobby Borchering and outfielder Marc Krauss:

Astros keep on dealing, send Johnson to Arizona " Tag's Lines
By Brian McTaggart

Ultimate Astros " Astros deal third baseman Johnson to Diamondbacks
By Zachary Levine

What Johnson trade means for Diamondbacks - Yardbarker
By Ken Rosenthal

Astros trade Chris Johnson To Diamondbacks » Sports », Port Arthur, Texas
By David Coleman

This is what John Sickels had to say about the Borchering and Krauss back in January:

12) Bobby Borchering, 1B-3B, Grade C+: Paired with Davidson and a similar profile as a power hitter, but with even worse contact problems and a weaker glove. Still young enough to improve.


16) Marc Krauss, OF, Grade C+: I think he's better than he looked last year, but will be more of a platoon/role player than a future regular.