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Astros History: Most Wins In Franchise History

Apologizes that this is a day late, but we left Houston Friday morning at 8 a.m. local time and got back home to South Carolina at 2 a.m. so I didn't have time or the desire to write up an Astros History article.

Post game 102 lets talk about the most wins in team history, 102, which happened back in 1998. That team finished first in the division with a 102-60 record. They scored 874 runs and allowed only 620. That's a 254 positive run differential for those keeping score at home.

Both Jeff Bagwell and Moises Alou lead the team in OPS with .981. The tie breaker goes to Bagwell who had a 158 OPS+ compared to Alou's 157 OPS+.

Craig Biggio, at age 32, had a .325/.403/.403 line and a 139 OPS+.

Bill Spiers manned third and Carl Everett played center. Brad Ausmus posted a .356 on base percentage. Sean Berry, Richard Hidalgo, Tony Eusabio, Tim Bogar, Daryle Ward and Dave Clark were all available at one time or another off the bench.

Mike Hampton lead the pitching staff with a 123 ERA+. Shane Reynolds lead the team in wins with a 19-8 record. Jose Lima was the other started with at least 32 starts. Sean Bergman posted a 3.72 ERA and Randy Johnson's 11 starts produced a 322 ERA+.

Billy Wagner saved 30 games with a 153 ERA+. Seven relievers had an ERA+ over 110. C.J. Nitkowski posted that 110 ERA+.

Only the New York Yankees (114-48) and Atlanta Braves (106-56) had a better record than the Astros.

Thanks to Kevin Brown and Jim Leyritz the San Diego Padres beat the Astros in the NLDS 3-1. It was a disappointing and frustrating playoff appearance, but shouldn't take away from what was an exciting summer 1998 was for the city of Houston.