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Astros History: Lance Berkman Breaks Into The Majors

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Okay technically Lance Berkman broke into the league two years earlier and had a pretty good season the following year when he played in 114 games. It was 2001, however, that he really established himself.

That year he hit .331/.430/.620 for an OPS+ of 161. More impressive was the 94 extra base hits he had that year. Broken down that's 55 doubles, 5 triples and 34 homeruns. That is an Astros franchise record for extra base hits and tied for 35th All-Time.

He's tied with Jimmie Foxx, Babe Herman, Chuck Klein and Rogers Hornsby.

What's interesting is that there were four players ahead of Berkman for the most extra base hits in 2001. Luis Gonzalez (100), Sammy Sosa (103), Todd Helton (105) and Barry Bonds (107) were all ahead of Berkman.

The record for extra base hits in a season belongs to Babe Ruth who had 119 in 1921. Breaking that down: 44 doubles, 16 triples and 59 homeruns.