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Astros History: Glenn Davis Brings Back A Haul

Following one of the most lopsided trades in the history of baseball was a trade that brought back even more talent. On January 10, 1991, the Astros traded Glenn Davis to the Baltimore Orioles for Steve Finley, Pete Harnisch and Curt Schilling.

Steve Finley would play four seasons with Houston posting a 107 OPS+ while manning centerfield. He would move onto San Diego and then Arizona and have even more success.

Pete Harnisch would alternate good and bad seasons in Houston, eventually finishing with a 106 OPS+ in his four years with the franchise. He would play sub-par for the Mets and Brewers before finding some success with the Reds towards the end of his career.

Curt Schilling would only pitch one season in Houston with below average results, 93 ERA+. He would eventually find success with the Phillies and Diamondbacks posting a 130 ERA+ after leaving Houston.

Glenn Davis would hit well for Baltimore but never at the same level he had with Houston. In three seasons he had a 97 OPS+ with Baltimore; In seven seasons he had a 129 OPS+ with Houston.

It was a haul, the Astros just never cashed in.