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Astros History: Bill Doran Traded To Reds

One of the most lopsided trades in the history of baseball took place August 30, 1990. Future icon Jeff Bagwell was acquired from the Boston Red Sox for relief pitcher Larry Andersen. What you may not know is that the Astros made another trade on that day that didn't work in their favor.

For nine seasons from 1982-1990 Bill Doran was the regular starting second basemen. In his time with Houston he posted a .267/.355/.374 line, 107 OPS+, while also providing some pretty good defense. Craig Biggio didn't start playing second base regularly until 1992, but moving Doran, intentionally or unintentionally, was the first step to set that fate in motion.

On the same day that Bagwell was acquired the Astros made a move that would open the door for Biggio to play second base.

Doran was traded to the Cincinnati Reds for Terry McGriff, Keith Kaiser and Butch Henry. McGriff only saw five plate appearances across four games with the Major League club, he never got a hit. Kaiser only played one season in the Astros Minor League system and posted a 10.99 ERA in 55.2 innings.

Henry had a pretty good in the Major Leagues posting a 110 ERA+ in seven years. Unfortunately, the Astros didn't keep him long enough to cash in. He pitched one season in Houston, 1992. Posting a 4.02 ERA, 84 ERA+, in165.2 innings.

One good trade, one bad trade for the Astros. As for Doran, he would play only three more years in the Majors he had a good year and half with Cincinnati before struggling with them in 1992. His final season was 1993.