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Astros Breaking Bad, Breaking Down As Giants Complete Sweep

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Like a cancer patient who decides to start cooking meth, things went from bad to worse in a hurry for the Astros this weekend. Let's break down the gory details:

  • Shut down by Madison Bumgarner Friday night, lose.
  • Shut down by a guy who was considered possibly "the worst pitcher in baseball" pre-All-Star Break on Saturday, lose.
  • In the process on Saturday, they lose the best power hitter on the team to what looked like a devastating ankle injury and could include knee damage.
  • Also lost the hottest hitter on the team in the past month when his surgically repaired knee swelled with fluid.
  • Didn't get perfectoed by Matt Cain, but couldn't score enough to win on Sunday.
  • Despite lack of offense and two spots opening up on the roster, chose to ignore hitter with crazy hot stats in his last major league appearance. Opt for Matt Downs/Scott Moore at first base.

Hey, at least MarGo was back and hitting again. Maybe he'll do what the rest of this team can't and carry the offense for a while. And maybe monkeys will fly...let's stop right there.

I know I'm frustrated, and I bet a good number of you are too. This team was a great story earlier in the year, but is just 1-10 in July. If they make a late surge in August and September, will you still be watching? Does it matter? Or, is the important thing just getting through the rest of this season without losing anyone to a catastrophic injury?