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LIVE: TCB Podcast Episode 50 - It's A Milestone

TCB Podcast Logo
TCB Podcast Logo

Podcast starts at 7:05 PM CT

Hosts: Tim De Block, David Coleman, Sean Feist and Brooks Parker


  • Brett Wallace not called up
  • Jonathan Villar gets angry
  • Injuries and transaction news
  • TCB boiling pot: Minor League players killing it right now

It's going to be a very heavy Minor League focused show so if you have any questions regarding the Minor Leagues leave them in the comments below.

I've got some new music made specifically for this show, so I will be playing that in its entirety. I would love your feedback on what you think of the music.

The archived show can be found at:

Intro music by Alan Read.

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If you have any comments or questions in regards to the podcast you can email the show at If you have a question please be sure to include your name and where you're from. Also big thanks to those of you that have rated us on iTunes we really appreciate the feedback.