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All-Star Game Recap Astros Style

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I expected to have more to write about this game, but this game was over before the American League squad came up to bat. Shades of Roger Clemens starting All-Star Game 2004 haunted this game as Justin Verlander gave up five runs in the first inning. The National League tacked on three more runs in the fourth inning and that was it for the game.

I think most people spent more time talking about how bad the announcing was than they did the game. Here's a nugget I posted on Twitter that people seemed to like:

I wonder what the casual fan thinks of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck calling a baseball game.

Even with the game a bit of a yawner at least Astro fans were able to get a taste of what winning baseball feels like.

Jose Altuve

Entered the game in the bottom of fifth inning for Dan Uggla as a defensive replacement. After a brief shot of Altuve at second base as he entered the game he wouldn't be on camera again until he finished of a double play in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Altuve got his first at bat leading off the eighth. He hit a high chopper to second basemen Ian Kinsler who threw him out by an eye lash.

Former Astros

Carlos Beltran was 0-1 with a walk and a run scored for the National League team.

Michael Bourn got the third at bat of the eighth inning and just like his one at bat in 2010 he struck out to end the eighth inning.

Enjoy the next two days of the break.